Links to Health Professions Websites

Thanks to the Health Careers Advisory Program (HPA) website at Syracuse University for the early drafts and inspiration to put this page together. Click on the arrow to activate the dropdown menu. Javascript must be enabled to view these links.

NEAAHP is committed to providing resources for our membership to stay informed about the various professions available to our students interested in Careers in the Health Professions. The policy of the NEAAHP Executive Committee is to review all requests for posting on this site. Requests should be submitted to the Executive Committee Secretary.

NEAAHP encourages all its members to regularly consult and make available, websites developed and maintained by professional health associations which are pertinent to professional school admission. NEAAHP further recommends that advisors for the health professions encourage their current and future applicants to consult such websites throughout the admissions process and beyond. Should advisors promote websites that are not considered official sites, it is highly recommended that they provide a disclaimer as to the accuracy and reliability of the information contained on such sites.